Penny Thoughts and Photographs

I love the interplay of words and images, and the way they overlap. In fact, saying and seeing are so closely related in my daily thought, work, and experience that they often seem to be one and the same thing. In Penny Thoughts and Photographs, I�d like to further examine this relationship while learning something of the photographer�s art.

The last time I took more than just a few pictures and anything other than family snapshots was when my brother and I traveled to Armenia in 1982. I still have the old faded prints in a drawer. They were taken with a simple point-and-click Kodak that offered no adjustments other than a built-in flash. Several are quite nice. I remember one in particular that I like, taken of a seminarian-friend dressed in black, walking along a grassy path toward the ancient monastery at Lake Sevan.

I expect these pictures to be better, or at least more interesting � not because I�ll be using a digital camera, although that should help, but because of all the life that�s been lived since then, and all the words that have been written about that life. Words have eyes. I�m pretty sure pictures do also.

� William Michaelian, Salem, Oregon, August 4, 2009

�� Penny Thoughts and Photographs ���������

August 2009
Glen Ragsdale, Detail, 1973
Papa, 1908
Zuv�s Lincoln
Holy Willie
Parlor and Workspace, 1
Parlor and Workspace, 2
Parlor and Workspace, 3

September 2009
Ivy, Fence, and Woodpile
What You See
Dear Ones
Oak Dining Table
White Rotary Sewing Machine

October 2009
Baker�s Table

November 2009
Coffee Time
Birch Scrolls

December 2009

Also by William Michaelian

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