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I am pleased to announce that I have signed with Cosmopsis Books, an independent publishing house based in San Francisco. Two poetry titles, released simultaneously in June 2007, are currently available: a collection called Winter Poems, and a second book of selected short verse, Another Song I Know. These tastefully designed paperback editions, both of which were suggested many times by visitors, can be purchased at a substantial discount directly from Cosmopsis Books.

I am very proud of these books. Because so many readers have stood behind me through the years, I see these new print editions partly as keepsake volumes, lasting reminders to the literary friendship we have forged here online. These books are dedicated to you. Thank you for having faith in my efforts.

I would also like to thank Cosmopsis Books for their receptivity, kindness, and support. It�s not every day one finds a publisher with these down-to-earth, extraordinary qualities. As we work together and plan future titles, we look ahead to a bright, productive future.

                                                            William Michaelian, Salem, Oregon


Winter Poems
by William Michaelian

Winter Poems (click to view cover)

ISBN: 978-0-9796599-0-4
US $11.95; $8.95 at Cosmopsis Books
52 pages. 6x9. Paper.
Includes one drawing.
San Francisco, June 2007
Signed, numbered & illustrated copies

Winter Poems displays the skills and abilities of Mr. Michaelian at their most elemental level, at the bone. Wandering amidst a barren world, a world scraped bare, he plucks the full moon like fruit from the winter sky, goes mad and befriends a pack of hungry wolves, burns his poems to keep warm. He is a flake of snow, a frozen old man, a spider spinning winter webs. Spring is only a vague notion of a waiting vineyard, crocuses, and ten-thousand babies. The author is alone, musing, reflecting, at times participating. But not quite alone, for he brings the lucky reader along. I�ve been there, to this winter world, and I plan to go back.
                                                            � John Berbrich, Barbaric Yawp

�. . . And one justifies beauty and the gift of days by being true. As Thoreau wrote, �I went to the woods to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.� Michaelian�s work is the very breath of truth, and we can feel this truth in every line.�

                                                            � Paul L. Martin, The Teacher�s View

Another Song I Know
by William Michaelian

Another Song I Know (click to view cover)

ISBN: 978-0-9796599-1-1
US $13.95; $10.95 at Cosmopsis Books
80 pages. 6x9. Paper.
Includes Author�s Note.
San Francisco, June 2007
Signed, numbered & illustrated copies

Another Song I Know is a delightful collection of brief, resilient poems. Reading them, one by one by one, is like taking a walk through our common everyday world and suddenly hearing what the poet hears: the leaves, a coffee cup,
chairs � and yes, even people, singing their songs of wisdom, sweetness,
and light.
                                                            � Tom Koontz, Barnwood poetry magazine

�In his author photograph, Michaelian looks like a reincarnated Walt Whitman, which is fitting, since Whitman, too, self-published much of his own work in a number of editions of Leaves of Grass. But that is where the similarity ends. Michaelian�s work is less rambling than Whitman�s, more focused and sharp, cutting to the truth of emotion and human existence. His words are steeped in wisdom, a writer�s poet who seems to have lived a thousand years in his time. Many of the poems in Another Song I Know are distillation of moments, like scenes behind glass, word pictures that illuminate a range of responses in the reader. That is what makes them powerful: a moment in Michaelian�s life leads to a poem which cuts to the bone for the reader, almost like that familiar voice on the telephone in the middle of a dark night. These are poems to take comfort from, a source of resilience for the soul.�

                                                            � Paul L. Martin, The Teacher�s View

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Winter Poems
Another Song I Know

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Winter Poems
Another Song I Know

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Winter Poems
Another Song I Know

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Winter Poems
Another Song I Know

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Winter Poems
Another Song I Know

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Winter Poems
Another Song I Know

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Winter Poems
Another Song I Know

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Another Song I Know

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Winter Poems
Another Song I Know

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�Michaelian is a poet who puts a philosophical statement in a coffee cup, or asks metaphysical, spiritual questions along the rivulets of a winter pond. His readers will be asked to walk alongside trees, contemplate shoes or coats, while the landscape is momentarily colored with berries and barns, grays and greens. The poems are full of simple words, sometimes few, but the sincere feelings left with us resonate. . . .

�His work is full of a somber sincerity or a mild melancholy presented in a voice as simple and complex as a leaf in one�s palm. . . .�

� Lory Bedikian, �Poetry Matters,�
Armenian Reporter, January 26, 2008

�Michaelian has a way of reflecting on so many familiar yet untranslated parts of our lives with a language that is clear, crystalline and communicative. It is a language that does not seek to impress either literary colleagues or pretentious poetry devotees. It is a language that seeks to communicate. As Robert Frost once described himself, there is no doubt that Michaelian is also �one of those poets who wants to be understood.� He is willing to shed the literary egotism of the academic crossword-puzzle poets of our age in order to be understood.�

� Russ Allison Loar, Simplicity, Sincerity, Sonority: A New Voice in American Poetry

�As a city dweller I welcome these poems. This honest straight forward book, like a warm fire glows, and has embers. Michaelians� madness is about what is happening around him. It is not the madness of a saint or a sinner, it is the madness of knowing.�

Irene Koronas, Winter Poems
Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

�His is a voice that needs to be heard, his is a message that carries joy and hope, poignancy and triumph. He is a real poet who can look at our lives and tell us what it is he is seeing. We are the better for it.�

Molly Martin, Another Song I Know
The Compulsive Reader

�He addresses those quiet, often overlooked, compelling elements found in everyday life that are the very best moments of our being. Michaelian touches upon thoughts filled with analysis, insight and stirring: �not a single leaf remains: a reminder that winter kills, while that which survives is cleansed.��

Molly Martin, Winter Poems
The Compulsive Reader

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