Listen and You Shall See

We are aware of individual sounds: a baby crying, a hammer striking the head of a nail,
a loved one’s footsteps just beyond our door. And we are aware of how these sounds give birth to the acute silence that follows — silence that is painful, cleansing, wondrous, and complete. Every sound possesses this quality. Every sound contains its own silence, without which it cannot by our senses be defined and understood. And yet, not a single sound, including those we make ourselves, depends on us for its existence. Life itself is in constant vibration. If this vibration isn’t expressed one way, it will be in another. We are reeds through which the song of the universe passes. It might even be said that the universe, and all that is beyond, is a song. Its essence can aptly be described as a musical one.

A songwriter is someone who, in his or her momentary awareness of this universal vibration, is inspired to find a way to give it a new form of musical expression.

A poet is someone who expresses the vibration in words.

A baker reveals the vibration through his hands, a nurse through her patients steadily on the mend, a farmer through his crops rustling in the wind.

If the vibration cannot be heard, it can still be felt. If it cannot be felt, it can be seen. If it cannot be seen, it can be tasted. If it cannot be tasted, it can be smelled. If it cannot be smelled, it still blossoms inside us when it is inhaled, and is expressed as a celebration of warmth by our bodies, and happiness by the spirit that dwells within.

Listen and you shall see.
Behold and you shall hear.
This well has no bottom.
Drink. Drink.

November 27, 2005

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