The Voice

The human voice is a musical instrument. Like any instrument, when it is played with warmth, intelligence, compassion, humor, pride, and grace, it brings joy to listener and musician alike. When it is played badly, we cringe.

We understand this instinctively. But how often do we listen with attention to the sound of our own voice? How often do we notice the effect it has on others?

No one enjoys the sound of a piano that�s out of tune, or a guitar that�s missing a string, yet most of us pay little attention to our voice � the magical instrument we carry with us everywhere and use each day. We are unaware of its power. Even a whisper can change a life � as can words beautifully spoken, or a song truthfully and faithfully sung.

Time and again, we are enchanted by a voice. It isn�t even necessary for the speaker or singer to be in the same room. When we hear the voice, we are deeply moved, because we know we are listening to a melody that is at once both ancient and new. That voice is the signature vibration of someone who is amazed by life, who knows it and has suffered by it, and who still trusts it as a friend.

December 7, 2005

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