Here Lies

A song, the sky, a grave.
On the hillside, many flowers.
But not today. No, not today.
The road still leads away,

Past empty, upturned palms.
They are not my own.
My time has not yet come.

Here lies starlight, yearning, ash.
In an instant they are gone,
And love has turned to bone.

Once a name, to dust returns,
As any grown man knows.
But the people still live on,
The pain, the scent, the rose.

No truth is buried here
That will not grow,
No dream afraid to rise again.

The day bends low,
A bouquet of hours fallen
From its hand.

I turn to go. Here lies a child,
Her mother looking on.

Hush, now. Hush.
I know. I know.

March 3, 2006

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